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Enter your net monthly income

Either individually or as a couple, enter your total net monthly income (salary, annuity, benefits, etc.)

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Fill out the expense fields

The tool calculates your monthly expenditure based on average spending patterns (See our My Life article: If budgeting were told as a story). Tailor the amounts to reflect your actual spending.

Recommended max : 30%
Recommended max : 15%
Estimated fuel consumption
Recommended max : 5%
Recommended max : 10%
Recommended max : 10%
Recommended max : 10%

Calculate how much you could borrow relative to your daily expenses

The phrase daily expenses refers to other monthly spending on items such as food shopping, other outstanding loans, your telephone and internet contract, etc. Measure these expenses as a fraction of your income to calculate your monthly savings capacity and so determine how much money you could budget for your new car.

(Including your shopping budget, monthly payments on other outstanding loans, internet/TV contracts, etc.)

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* Simulation for information purposes only. It is in no way binding on BIL, nor does it constitute an agreement of any kind. Sample calculation: a loan of EUR 10,000.00, with a fixed 1.40% interest rate over 60 months will result in 60 payments of EUR 172.66 each. APR (annual percentage rate) of 1.408%. Total amount payable by the borrower: EUR 10,359.60 (before insurance or application fees, if required).
** See competition terms and conditions.